and I: My foray into community-funded journalism

How is independent  journalism like independent film making? In both professions, the storyteller has to  an audience for his or creation. Film makers accomplished that task by raising money for their projects, but most journalists didn’t.

Now, however, all the old rules have been revised. And I’ve been hanging out with independent filmmakers, courtesy of classes at Cuyahoga County Community College. So I was thrilled when I found, a social media site for community-funded journalism.

I was doubly thrilled when my pitch, “Hard Time on the Unemployment Line,” was accepted. And I was finally thrilled when I raised $1,000 for this project that examines the problems African-American male ex-offenders have finding work.

I’ll be posting updates about my reporting progress on my blog at But I’ll also post related content here. You can also follow me on twitter where my handle is @aoscruggs. And you can like my facebook page.

I’m looking forward to this conversation. Please keep in touch.