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African American Students Study Up on Entrepreneurship: Teens know that getting a job is becoming tougher. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says only 26 percent of them are employed, and just 16 percent of African American youngsters have jobs. That might explain why African Americans kids are looking into entrepreneurship. Gallup recently found half of minority youngsters want to start businesses. APM Marketplace (reporting)

Writing Poetry Improves Reluctant Readers’ Literacy Skills: Why do teenagers love to write, but hate to read? It’s a matter of engagement, and some teachers are using writing to get youngsters to consider books. Front and Center project/WBEZ (reporting)

The Name Game: It’s been almost a decade since economists showed that resumes with names like Greg and Emily generated more job interviews than resumes from Lakisha and Jamal. And since then there’s been the trend of people “whitening” their resumes by using initials instead of a full name. So the name game matters. But how accurate are the perceptions? WBEZ Chicago (reporting) Listen to the story and play the game

Ramadan Mubarak: The Science of Breaking the Fast: Those observing Ramadan break the fast with a meal of dates and water or milk. Here’s why that combination is a perfect choice for reviving the body after abstaining from food and drink. (reporting)

Online Articles

Wilberforce University Still in Turmoil: When it comes to the future of Wilberforce University, graduating senior and student government president Brandon Harvey doesn’t see much hope. He’s afraid his alma mater—the nation’s oldest historically Black university—might not survive the next two years. 2/12/2013 (reporting)

Meet the Competition: For those first 20 years, Michael Brown never had problems getting a job. Perhaps it was his unfailingly polite demeanor. Maybe it was the put-together vibe he exuded, with his ever-present wire-framed glasses and the crisp clothes he wore even on casual days. Brown looked every bit the part of a disciplined, get-it-done type of guy. And for those 20 years, he was. www.clevescene.com 10/26/2011 (crowdfunded reporting)

Schools Out Forever: If any building symbolizes the state of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, it’s Empire Elementary on Parmalee Avenue near East 93rd. From the outside, the building looks worn and weary. Boarded-up windows show that the school, constructed in 1915, has passed its prime. Inside, students’ voices echo through the hallways. www.clevescene.com 1/27/2010 (reporting)