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Power 100: Marcia Fudge Inside Business Magazine 1/2013 (short profile)

Race Results Cleveland Magazine 1/2013 (essay)

The Challenger Cleveland Magazine 1/2012 (essay)

Traditional Labels No Longer Define New Generation of College Students Diverse Issues in Higher Education 3/17/2011 (reporting)

School’s Out Forever Cleveland Scene 1/29/2010 (reporting)

Beyond Race Baggage The New York Post, 4/29/2008 (political commentary)

Trick Play: The Cleveland Yo-Yo Club brings old-school fun to a new generation. Cleveland Magazine 7/ 2010 (short feature)

“Books Gone Wild” Cleveland Magazine, 12/2007 (short feature)

Far From Home: Working Abroad” Heart & Soul magazine, 11/2009 (service journalism)

“Colorblindness: The New Racism?” Teaching Tolerance magazine, 10/2009 (magazine feature)

“Kerner Plus 40” 2/2008 (reporting for special publication)

“Kwanzaa’s Lights Grow Dim” Washington Post Outlook Section, 12/29/2007 (commentary)

“What Kind of Black Are We?” Washington Post Outlook Section 7/2007 (commentary)

“Real Estate Riches” Heart & Soul Magazine, 1/2008 (service journalism)

“On with the Dance” Cleveland Magazine, 12/2007 (short feature)

“A Two-toned World Blurs” Cleveland Magazine, 8/2007 (essay)

“Thug’d: An Often Overlooked Community Feels Ambushed By Plain Dealer Coverage Of A Shooting” Cleveland FreeTimes, 6/2007 (media criticism)

“Up from the Basement” Cleveland Magazine, 1/2007 (profile)

“Check Mates” Cleveland Magazine, 6/2006 (feature)

“Reading is (not) Fundamental” Atlanta Journal Constitution, 7/16/2004 (commentary)